Area of interests include:

  • couple/family issues & communication
  • extended families
  • children & behavioral:  ADHD
  • pre & post retirement individual/couple issues
  • grief & loss

Bridget Hales, MS, LPC

Bridget Hales is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). For the last several years she has provided counseling to elementary age children, their families, and educational professionals.
Bridget obtained her Masters Degree in Counseling in 2013 from University of Houston Clear Lake and Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Texas A & M. Licensed as a school counselor and LPC, Bridget provided services to elementary age students, their families and educational professionals, alike. Quite often she designed behavior plans, provided AD/HD education/intervention and coping tools for students and their families. In addition to these issues, Bridget assisted children, families and educational professionals through trauma/loss, conflict resolution and abuse.
She enjoys working with children and family issues/communication at school/home, extended family challenges. and relationship issues/communication.
Bridget believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. With that said, she designs sessions for the client to be heard in a safe, nurturing, comfortable environment. Her goal is to assist clients in reaching their therapy goals.
  • (346) 333-2491